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At the top of the page, select your location and search for local gay-friendly businesses. These companies will welcome your business without discriminating against you because of your sexual preference. There will be no ridicule, no jokes, and no snide comments about your lifestyle. Never endure that again by choosing to do business with those who accept you for who you are!

Check our listings before inviting someone into your home! We have everything from various kinds of contractors to licensed insurance agents to help you feel safe when giving out your personal information.

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GLBT Demographics

  • • According to one study, the total spending of lesbian, gay and transgender individuals was $743 billion in 2010!
  • • 47% of lesbian and gay people prefer to remain loyal to an LGBT-friendly brand, even if it costs more or is more inconvenient!
  • • There are an estimated 11.7 million members of the LGBT community in the United States.

There are many benefits to advertising in our Online Business Directory. Primarily, this is an opportunity to give the GLBT Community a directory of product and service providers that are open to alternative lifestyles and do not judge people based on their sexual orientation.

Gay USA Pages serves communities from New York to California and many places in between. If you’re located in Atlanta, Orlando, Minneapolis, Nashville, Boston, the Midwest, and even Texas, we have a directory for you! Be sure to check out the full list of our locations above and contact us for more information!